Franz Haas

Seven generations in the vineyard and a single name – literally. The Franz Haas winery was founded in 1880 by Franz Haas and was passed on from father to eldest son, all of them named Franz Haas, for generations. The present owner Franziskus has also named his son Franz – that’s how seriously the Haas family takes continuity and heritage. You might imagine someone forbidding and austere. However, nothing could be further from the truth. Franziskus is as genial and creative as his amazing, sprightly and colorful packaging.

Surface under vine is 50 hectares (124 acres), 28 of which (69 acres) are estate owned or leased while the rest belong to farmers with vineyards located in especially favorable areas. The Franz Haas mission has always been to express the character, typicity, and longevity of the unique Alto Adige area – the bilingual, Italian/German province of Bolzano, in the northeastern region of Trentino-Alto Adige – which is etched into the foothills of the Cislon mountain, in the Natural Reserve of Mount Corno. In fact, the district where the winery is located is called Montagna, meaning mountain. The vineyards are located in the districts of Montagna and Egna, both on the slopes of Mount Cislon. Altitudes vary between 240- 800 meters (790 to 2,625 feet) above sea level and feature an extremely wide range of microclimates and soil types (including porphyric, sand, clay, and highly calcareous terrain). All of the Franz Haas vineyards were extensively renewed from 1982 to 1986. New vines were planted, with higher densities (from 6,000-12,500 per hectare, 2,430 to 5,060 per acre); select, low-yielding clones were chosen and new varieties were explored for maximum quality and longevity.

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