Collio is distinguished for its unique landscapes, which vary in shape, boasting panoramas of vast open spaces and lush green, undulating hills bathed in bright sunlight. Collio is not only singular in its natural scenery – it holds another rarity which makes it one of a kind: its name. In the whole of Europe, Collio is the only place that has maintained its name throughout the centuries, spoken and pronounced in the exact same way by all of the residents, whether German, Slavic or Roman in origin. While grape cultivation existed here well before they arrived, the Romans are credited for their accomplishment of having implemented more rational methods in Collio. By the late 3rd century AC, winemaking in this area was so rich in volume, that Emperor Massiminio managed to build a bridge going from Isonzo to Mainizza using all the wood taken from empty wine barrels. In other words, Collio has long since early history been an exceptional terroir for top viticulture.

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