Vintage Reports

A quick guide to the latest vintages.


2022 Lombardia

Laura Gatti of Ferghettina

The 2022 season saw a warm spring, early bud break, and perfect fruit set. The rest of the growing season saw abnormally high temperatures and a great lack of rainfall. We harvested 8-22 August. The grapes were perfect, but lower in quantity. The quality is excellent, especially Pinot Noir.

We expect rich and structured wines that still maintain their freshness.



2022 was a unique year: we started out well, with great quantities and good health. But the hot and dry weather in June and July put the vines as well as us to the test. Thankfully, the rains that came in late July mitigate water stress though moved harvest up. In fact, we began picking in early August when we saw the sugar and acidity levels were excellent.  Overall, it’s eary, but we expect wines with good structure.




2022 Tuscany

Franco Bernabei for MONTE ANTICO and TOSCOLO

Winter 2021/2022:

  • Average rain until March 2022 and no snow or drastically low temperatures.

Spring 2022:

  • Spring saw very little rain, which mostly fell in the month of May. April saw high temperatures, which started the growth cycle about 15 days early. Fortunately, there was no frost, and the growth cycle was consistent.

Summer 2022:

  • Very little rain in June and July, however, there was over 60 mm of rain in the second half of August. Temperatures reached over 38 °C but there were excellent diurnal temperature changes with nighttime temps as low as 16 °C; Veraison began in early July, about 10-15 days early and in fact, grape maturation as a whole was about 10-15 days early. The vineyards did not suffer drought conditions.

September 2022:

  • Average daytime temperature of 28-30 °C and nighttime temps of 16-18 °C. The grapes saw morning dew and were perfectly healthy and crisp with an average number of clusters. Alcohol levels were a bit over the average.

The 2022 vintage will surely be an excellent one, with healthy, full grapes leading to wines suitable to long aging.


2021 Trentino Alto Adige

Franco Bernabei at BOLLINI

Winter saw average temperatures and good precipitation. Frost on 7-8 April conditioned vine production and cluster size. The end of spring and summer also saw average temperatures, rain and hail. The temps were stable in August and September, which allowed for a timely harvest of healthy grapes.


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