Sardinia is the second largest island in the Mediterranean with a unique, contrasting landscape featuring forests, rocky hillsides, gorgeous coastlines that alternate perfect sandy beaches and steep, craggy cliffs. And let’s not forget the many archaeological wonders going back thousands of years. Winemaking also goes back this long as well, with the Phoenicians being responsible for the first plantings of Cannonau, Carignano and more. The island is also known for its interpretation of Vermentino as well as other grapes, such as Monica and Nasco. The climate is distinctly Mediterranean, rainy in winter and hot in summer with cooling breezes coming off the sea. The soil varies, but ranges from granite and limestone to sandstone and sand, which allows for ungrafted vines (Phylloxera does not take hold in Sardinia’s sandy soils). There are 26,244 hectares under vine, two DOCGs and 17 DOCs.

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