Gallura is a historic area in the northeast of Sardinia, covering 1,370 square miles from the river Coghinas to Mount Nieddu (San Teodoro), to the Limbara massif, the area’s southern border and its highest mountain (4,469 feet). The jagged coastline alternates soft white sands, steep slopes and narrow inlets of its famously emerald sea. The name “Gallura” probably derives from the Phoenician word gallal, meaning “high ground.” And actually, the island is broken down into mostly highlands and majestic granite mountains, sometimes molded into beautiful and curious natural sculptures by rain, wind and sea. During the Middle Ages, Sardinia was divided into four independent kingdoms known as Giudicati. Gallura was one of these kingdoms, and its symbol was the rooster or gallo. The area’s crushed granite soils are ideal for draining and give local wines enriched complexity and minerality. A top wine from the area is certainly Vermentino di Gallura Superiore DOCG. It often features a deep, almost golden color, rich extract, soft fruitiness, outstanding structure, delicately aromatic, ample bouquet and underlying freshness with a subtle almond finish.

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