The high Friulan plain, situated behind the Pre-Alps, is characterized by a highly original natural landscape: the Magredi or Grave. The Friuli Grave, land of DOC wines, is in the heart of Friuli, rich in colors, aromas, flavors and traditions. The area includes the provinces of Udine and Pordenone and is a highly productive winemaking region. Prone to floods from the Meduna, Cellina and Tagliamento Rivers, over the centuries, these rivers have deposited large amounts of calcareous material violently ripped from the Dolomite mountains by the currents’ strength. The Dolomites, other than having given life to the Grave area, also protects the area from cold winds and currents coming from the north. These circumstances, combined with the benefits of the Adriatic Sea, have created an extremely beneficial climate for viticulture. There is however another reason the Grave area is so inclined to winemaking: its soil – an ample rocky surface – exalts the diurnal temperature changes, thus lending itself to deeply scented, elegant wines. At one time, cultivation of white grapes in this area took a back seat to make room for reds. But the white wines are still some of the most important wines in the region. The Grave del Friuli wine market has never experienced any sort of crisis – the quality and flavor of these wines has always been greatly appreciated to the point of never fearing their competition. White wines are characteristically fresh, fruity and elegant; reds are harmonious with youthful aromas, and are often full and structured when properly aged.

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