The ancient center of Soave was found to have existed before modern civilization itself, when the stone age was still in progress. The castle of Soave – the area’s most prominent architectural monument – is a typical Medieval, military artifact; a perfect rendering of the classic castle architecture in Veneto. This particular castle’s history is distinguished by harsh feudal quarrels, conflicting struggles, conflict, barbaric invasions, supremacies and defeats. The entire Medieval center of Soave is closed in by the walls of the castle, surrounded by hills and vineyards – the same vineyards in which the famous Soave comes to life. Soave Superiore was awarded the DOC in 1968, and upgraded to a DOCG in 2001. The hilly, historic area between the charming medieval town of Soave and Monteforte d’Alpone is known as Soave Classico, yielding a noble, deep and long-lasting wine that is miles away from the blander Soave DOC versions from the plains.

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