Fonte Venna Pecorino IGT

Il Feuduccio is located in Orsogna, Abruzzo, on the eastern cost of Italy. It is owned by world travelers Gaetano and Maria Lamaletto, who lived for years in South America, but were drawn back to their home of Abruzzo where they now make wine.

The winery is located in the region’s top appellation, Montepulciano d’Abruzzo. The pristine elevated vineyards are located close to the finest beaches as well as leading ski resorts (at Mount Maiella). The winery itself is spectacular: built entirely underground, it consists of five floors that were dug into the rock. Each floor is 1,500 square meters (16,146 square feet) and the heart of the operation (vinification, barrel and barrique cellars and bottle storage) is 14 meters (46 feet) beneath the vineyards. Surface under vine totals 133 acres (54 hectares) on sandy/clayey/silty terrain. The microclimate is ideal for cultivation, with very cool nights and warm days, and the vineyards drain well. The clones were selected after painstaking soil analysis, plot by plot. All of the preliminary phases were supervised not only by Gaetano himself, but his son, Camillo Lamaletto and his grandson Gaetano, who currently run the winery.

Fonte Venna is the Lamaletto family’s entry-level Montepulciano d’Abruzzo and it is every bit as important as their pinnacle product, as it is the wine you ‘meet’ first. That may be why Il Feuduccio’s owners chose a name that would say a lot about their philosophy and values. The Venna stream crosses the appellation and has provided local farmers with sustenance for centuries. The winery’s founders Gaetano and Maria Lamaletto named this characterful red to celebrate their daily labor and the ancient farming traditions of Abruzzo.

Pure Pecorino grapes that embody their terroir.

Wine exported to

USA, Puerto Rico, Australia

Grape Varieties:

100% Pecorino

Fermentation container:

Stainless steel

Type of yeast:


Fermentation temperature:

13-18 °C (55.4-64 °F)

Malolactic fermentation:


Aging containers:

Stainless steel

Aging before bottling:

3 months

Aging in bottle:

A few months



Vineyard location:

Orsogna, Abruzzo

Soil composition:

Calcareous clay

Vine training:



432 meters (1,417 feet) above sea level

Vine density:

1,600 to 4,000


100 quintals per hectare




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