The Aeolian Islands are located off the northern coast of Sicily. There are seven islands (Lipari, Vulcano, Salina, Stromboli, Filicudi, Alicudi and Panarea) and five small islets. They are “all of volcanic origin. Salina, like the other islands in the archipelago, emerged from the seas during the Quaternary period.” If the UNESCO list were to include people, Carlo Hauner, Sr. – the present owner’s father – would be a likely candidate. An internationally renowned painter and designer, his creativity knew no bounds. His work is found in museums and exhibitions from Venice and Milan to Brazil; he applied his artistry to such diverse fields as ceramics, textiles, architecture, furniture and last but not least, winemaking. Hauner’s first encounter with the art of Malvasia delle Lipari (once known as “the nectar of the gods”) was on holiday, in the summer of 1963. The artist began to visit the island more and more often, fascinated by its natural beauty and by the locals’ ancient practice of harvesting Malvasia grapes in mid-September, then drying them on outdoor racks for a couple of weeks, until the Mediterranean sunlight lent the fruit amazing concentration and fragrance. Hauner was so intrigued, that he bought 20 hectares (49 acres) on Salina, replanting them with vineyard terraces overhanging the sea. He immersed himself in research on the wine, then began bringing his own creativity and intuition to the table. In the 1980s, he inaugurated a brand-new winery in Lingua, in the municipality of Santa Marina Salina, with temperature-controlled equipment, stainless-steel vats and tanks, oak barrels and barrique, totaling 1,200 hectoliters in capacity. The winery acted as a magnet and catalyst for critics, wine writers, enologists, other growers and the media: Carlo Hauner had triggered a renaissance not only of the islands’ most celebrated wine but of the island itself. In February 1996, the founder’s demise did not put an end to the winery’s exceptional story thanks to his dynamic son, Carlo Hauner, Jr., who is flanked by general manager Gianfranco Sabbatino.

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