Hierà Terre Siciliane IGP

Internationally renowned artist and designer Carlo Hauner, Sr. began his winemaking endeavor in 1963, after falling in love with its natural beauty and by the locals’ ancient practice of harvesting Malvasia grapes in mid-September, then drying them on outdoor racks for a couple of weeks, until the Mediterranean sunlight lent the fruit amazing concentration and fragrance.
Hauner was so intrigued, that he bought 20 hectares (49 acres) on Salina, replanting them with vineyard terraces overhanging the sea. He learned everything there was to know about the wine, and started making his own, fueled also by his own intuition and creativity. In the 1980s, he inaugurated a brand-new winery in Lingua, in the municipality of Santa Marina Salina, with temperature-controlled equipment, stainless steel vats and tanks, oak barrels and barriques. The winery helped bring great attention from critics, wine writers, enologists, other growers and the media: Carlo Hauner had triggered a renaissance not only of the islands’ most celebrated wine but of the island itself. In February 1996, the founder’s demise did not put an end to the winery’s exceptional story thanks to his dynamic son, Carlo Hauner, Jr., who is flanked by general manager Gianfranco Sabbatino.

This blend of Alicante, Nocera and Nero D’Avola, is a tribute its terroir and hence takes its name from the original name of the island of Vulcano: Hierà, which means “sacred” in ancient Greek. After careful selection of pristine grapes grown in elevate vineyards with volcanic soil and excellent exposure, Hierà macerates for quite a long period and then ages in stainless steel, barrique and bottle. Fiery and intense aromas fully represent the wine’s unique island terroir; complex, full-bodied and silky with pleasant acidity and tannins.

Wine exported to

Hong Kong, Canada, USA, Australia

Most recent awards

  • 2016 | Wine Advocate91
  • 2016 | James Suckling92
  • 2015 | Wine Enthusiast89
Grape Varieties:

60% Nero d'Avola, 30% Alicante and 10% Nocera

Fermentation container:

Stainless steel

Length of alcoholic fermentation:

6 days

Type of yeast:

Selected yeast

Fermentation temperature:

20 °C (68 °F)

Malolactic fermentation:


Fining agent:


Aging containers:


Container size:

225 L

Container age:

3rd and 4th use

Type of oak:

French oak

Bottling period:


Aging before bottling:

18 months

Aging in bottle:

2 months





Vineyard name:


Vineyard location:

On the island of Vulcano, off the coast of Sicily

Vineyard size:

8 hectares (20 acres)

Soil composition:

Volcanic soil

Vine training:



401 meters (1,300 feet) above sea level

Vine density:

2,025 vines per acre





Years planted:


Time of harvest:


First vintage of this wine:


Total yearly production (in bottles):


Tasting notes:

Deep, dark ruby, with crimson highlights, the wine’s fiery intensity of aromas and flavors is well worthy of its island home. Very rich, fragrant bouquet of wild berries, sweet spice, tobacco and chocolate with earthy notes characteristic of dry soil; a velvety, complex, full-bodied palate with sweet tannins, fresh, fruity flavors and acidity, wonderful balance and a luscious, bright style.

Serving temperature:

Best served at 16-18 °C (60.8-64.4 °F).

Food pairings:

Wonderful paired with flavorful and slightly spicy dishes or fish with capers, typical of the Aeolian Islands. (Like fresh tuna with capers.)

Aging potential:

6 years


Alcohol cont.: 13.5% by vol.


Fabrizio Zardini