Fantini is located in Ortona, Abruzzo, Italy. The wines are made by winemaker Dennis Verdecchia and Francesco De Santis.

Points of Differentiation

  • The wines are made from native varieties in an international style
  • The vineyards are located on Mount Majella, which protects the vines and allows them to ripen gradually
  • All of the grapes are hand sorted and selected by a qualified team
  • Vinified for early consumption
  • The ideal “By the Glass” wine line

The History

The Fantini Group began in Abruzzo, in the town of Ortona in 1994 by three partners, Filippo, Valentino and Camillo, who consequently, were known as “the three dreamers” because they were able to achieve their dream of opening a winery (or many).

They are fully dedicated to producing high-quality wines from meticulously chosen grapes, but also to giving back to the surrounding community. They partner with small family farms that have been in the area for generations whose aim is to grow healthy, quality grapes.

When crafting the wines, Fantini uses the most advanced winery technology available to ensure their wines reflect the authentic characteristics of the grapes. Fantini believes that excessive effort in the vineyards is pointless if the winery is unable to maintain specific standards when bottling.

The Terroir

Mount Majella protects hillside vineyards that tumble down to the sea from extreme weather. The vineyards enjoy excellent exposure and a perfect microclimate for grapes with remarkable complexity and fruit-forward flavors.


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