Conti Costanti

The noble Costanti family goes back a long way – at least to Renaissance times. One of several famous counts, Costanti – Tito – was both a lawyer and a winemaker, and actually anticipated the present DOCG and DOC. Not only was he one of the very first to use the name Brunello for the Montalcino red, but the methods he used were strikingly similar to those used for Brunello and Rosso di Montalcino today. Costanti Brunellos, however, were jealously guarded secrets until the early 1960s, circulating solely among the owners’ friends and family.

This changed with Count Emilio Costanti, physician and grapegrower, who first put the family name on the wine map. Dr. Costanti had no children. After maximizing the winery’s potential and releasing the first “public” vintages, Emilio Costanti traced the sole living descendant of the ancient Sienese family, Andrea Costanti, a fresh graduate in geology at the University of Siena with no background in wine.

Andrea was appointed the legendary count’s heir and successor in 1983 and immediately proved himself well worthy of Emilio’s trust. He not only handled his huge new responsibilities, but actually upgraded and enhanced the family’s reputation for making great Brunello. Today, he is one of the brightest names in Montalcino in his own right, and the happy father of numerous, budding new branches in the Costanti family tree.

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