The very “nobile” estate of Paola De Ferrari Corradi was founded in 1962 by her father, Egidio Corradi, though from day one, it was Paola who ran it.

Half a century after the first Boscarelli vintage (1964), Paola can boast an unbroken track record of vintage-to-vintage consistency and quality. Today, Paola’s sons take an active part in the business: Luca joined the Boscarelli team in 1988 and now flanks the in-house enologist, Mary Ferrara, and the consultant winemaker, Maurizio Castelli.

“What we look for in our wines,” according to Luca, “is elegance, character and personality combined with a pleasing, approachable style. I believe our winery is one of the most innovative in Montepulciano. At the same time, we wish to maintain strong ties with the local and natural heritage, first and foremost with Cervognano, one of the finest Nobile crus, which is home to our winery. Cervognano expresses such richness and complexity, such depth and fragrance, we need to fine-tune them and tame them. That’s the reason harvest is such an emotional time at Boscarelli: that’s when we know if the wealth of aromas palpable in our vineyards have made it into the wines.”

Luca’s younger brother, Nicolò, left the Department of Architecture in Genoa for the architecture of vineyard rows and cellar renovation, in 1997. He has designed and crafted wooden objects and furniture since he was five years old, and his work can be admired both at the winery and at such art shows as the Triennale in Milan.

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