Founded in 1962, Boscarelli is located in Montepulciano in Tuscany. Paola De Ferrari Corradi owns the estate alongside her two sons, Luca and Nicolò. Together they have achieved an unbroken track record of vintage-to-vintage consistency and quality that has lasted over half a century.


  • A small family-owned estate
  • Paola De Ferrari Corradi has run the estate from day one, first with her husband and then by herself
  • Luca and Nicolò De Ferrari have personally selected and replanted the vineyards to express the characteristics of the terroir
  • 100% estate-grown and bottled
  • Total production is 97,000 bottles annually, with plans to expand in the future.


The very “nobile” estate of Paola De Ferrari Corradi was founded in 1962 by her father, Egidio Corradi, though from day one, it was Paola who ran it, first with her husband and after his premature passing in 1983, she ran it alone.

“Managing the estate on my own, with two teenage children – Luca and Nicolò were respectively 16 and 13 years old at the time – was a real challenge: almost no one thought I could make it without my husband’s support,” Paola recalls. “I have to admit I came from a background of great love and privilege; I’d been more than a little spoiled. Ippolito’s accident uncovered abilities I didn’t know I had since I’d never needed to prove myself before.”

More than half a century after the first Boscarelli vintage in 1964, Paola has passed the test with the highest honors: an unbroken track record of vintage-to-vintage consistency and quality.
Paola’s sons Luca and Nicolò manage the vineyard, and together, they follow all the phases of production and commercialization. The wines are styled by Paola’s eldest son, Luca De Ferrari, together with in-house oenologist Mary Ferrara and renowned consultant Maurizio Castelli. Luca’s younger brother, Nicolò De Ferrari, is in charge of vineyard management.


The original property is in Cervognano, just outside of Montepulciano. The vineyards face mainly northeast and northwest at an altitude of 984 feet above sea level. The soil is composed primarily of sand and has a medium density.

About 80% of the 35 acres grow Sangiovese, but the family also produces Canaiolo, Colorino and Mammolo, the main indigenous varieties, as well as small quantities of Merlot and Cabernet.

Luca and Nicolò De Ferrari first overhauled the vineyards in the 1980s with the intention of producing grapes that better express the terroir of the area. Today the average vine density is 2,425-2,830 vines per acre with each vine yielding about 2.6 lbs.

Paola, Luca, and Nicolò purchased additional acreage, a second small homestead in Cortona, a few miles northeast of Montepulciano. This second property has five acres under vine, including very recent plantings. The additional land is not yet productive, but the plan is to increase the total production area by an additional 7.5 acres.

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