You may not have taken a close look at the Bortoluzzi logo – rightfully distracted by the wines themselves. But if you do, you’ll see it bears the symbol for Capricorn, which is known for striving towards higher and higher goals. The Latin motto beneath it is just as revealing: Ad maiora, meaning “to greater things.” The Capricorn in question, of course, is Giovanni Bortoluzzi, an enology graduate of the highly reputed school in Conegliano, who founded his own winery in 1982, after several years working as a consultant. “I remember my first harvest, when the children were still quite small,” says Giovanni with a smile. “There was a real sense of satisfaction in seeing that those vines, which had been so meticulously cared for, had rewarded my efforts.” Giovanni has always maintained that “the entire family should devote themselves to the winery. “A quality product can only be created thanks to everyone’s combined efforts.” His wife Mireide and their three children have not disappointed him: Alessio is the sales manager, Alberto, an agronomist, is the vineyard manager, and Angela deals with administration and marketing. The family is supported by the highly qualified team whose standards are every bit as high as those of the owners, and the impression you get when visiting the winery is one of clockwork synergy as well as warmth and hospitality. We asked the Bortoluzzi family to sum up their philosophy and they responded: “Wine is not just any product. You find the passion, love and dedication of the people who crafted it in the bottle. The more you love a wine, the easier it is to transmit your message to the consumer. So, sensibility is very important, as is tradition. We strive to be forward-looking in order to improve. At the same time, we never forget what history and experience have taught us. Most importantly, we focus on the quality and authenticity of the product, from vineyard to bottle: healthy grapes make genuine wines.”

Today, surface under vine has increased to 50 hectares (over 123 acres).

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