Gallura is located in the northeastern portion of Sardinia. In medieval times, it was one of the island’s four independent kingdoms and its emblem was the rooster or gallo in Italian. Jankara owners, Renato and Angela Spanu, have chosen the ancient crest of the Rooster of Gallura to represent their brand as a tribute to this historic terroir. The area is mostly highlands and majestic granite mountains, that have been sculpted into beautiful and unusual natural wonders by rain, wind and sea. The area’s crushed granite soils are ideal for draining and give Vermentino di Gallura Superiore DOCG great complexity and minerality. A Gallura native, Renato Spanu left Sardinia when he was 17 to study international business at the University of Florida in the US, where he met his future wife. After he graduated, he began a career working in fine wines, eventually becoming the Florida State Manager of Empson (USA). Renato loved his American life, but still had strong ties to his home country. In fact, he later bought land in the area his grandfather used to have a vineyard – in the highlands of Gallura, in the heart of a sub-zone called Vena di San Leonardo – and has since moved back to carry out his dream. “I believe this is the best Vermentino land in the world. The microclimate is superb, influenced by the vast Lake Liscia and the island’s second highest mountain, Limbara. Temperatures, ventilation and exposure provide fantastic conditions, prolonging the grapes’ time on the vine and allowing them to absorb and produce intense, complex aromas.” Their first cru was called “Giannaghe” – “Jannaca” in the local dialect – and faces the “Karana” cru, where Renato’s grandfather once had a vineyard. Renato chose to blend the past and future into one name: JANnaca-KARAna, hence “Jankara” for good luck. On 28 September 2010, the Spanus’ daughter, Emma Leah, was born. That very day, the first Jankara harvest began.

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