Founded in 2006 with 22 acres, Jankara is the result of a wonderful partnership between the Spanu and Empson families. The winery is located in the prestigious Vena di San Leonardo area but has expanded its highly rated range to include three reds from Mamoiada, one of the most sought-after “Grand Crus” in Sardinia. They work with renowned Italian winemaker Gianni Menotti.


  • Family-run boutique winery with a great passion for Vermentino and Cannonau and extensive knowledge of market
  • Vineyards located in two of the “Grand Cru” areas of Sardinia (San Leonardo for Vermentino, Mamoiada for Cannonau)
  • The family painstakingly cares for the vineyards, doing everything by hand.
  • Gianni Menotti – one of Italy’s best winemakers – consults on the wines
  • Small, quality-oriented production



Founded in 2006, Jankara is located in the prestigious Vena di San Leonardo area, with vineyards in two of the most sought-after “Grand Crus” in Sardinia: Mamoiada and Gallura. It is owned by the Spanu and Empson families, who recently acquired a stake in the boutique winery. “The tremendous potential of the area is what brought my family to embark on this venture, although our affection for this Mediterranean island played a key role as well, having spent a lot of time there after falling in love with the Island’s wild beauty and unexplored potential,” explained Tara Empson.The two families strive for high-quality expressions of the island’s one-of-a-kind terroir, with its rugged terrain, pristine sea and granite formations, working with one of Italy’s most important enologists, Gianni Menotti. At the same time, the two families remain hands on through every step of the production process and beyond. “We are 100% family operated. I work in the vineyards with my cousin. This is why you can count on the strictest quality control. We don’t compromise,” explains Renato. Jankara’s Vermentino vineyards are located in Giannaghe, “Jannaca” in the local dialect, facing another historic cru called “Karana.” The names of the two crus were combined to create the winery’s name Jankara.


The property is located between the towns of Luras and Sant’ Antonio di Gallura, near Lake Liscia in the highlands of Gallura. The climate is heavily influenced by Lake Liscia and Mount Limbara, which rises 1,400 meters in the air. Diurnal temperature changes can be quite significant, allowing for long growing seasons and the development of rich, complex, and nuanced flavor profiles. The soils are full of granite, which lend a lovely saline minerality to the wines. The winery’s philosophy includes low yields and dry farming, which further helps concentrate flavors and build more character and intensity. Mistral winds help keep the grapes cool, dry and free of disease.

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