Wild Mirto

This red myrtle liqueur is prepared by creating an infusion of red myrtle berries, at the perfect ripeness, and a water and alcohol solution of 47% by volume. The infusion sits for 4-6 months and the liquid is then separated from the solids and sugar is added. Water is then added until the desired alcohol content is reached.

During the entire process, the raw materials and the unfinished product are stored in stainless steel containers. All of the work is carried out using equipment made of stainless steel.

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Distillation System:

Infusion of an high quantity of fresh Sardinian wild red Myrtle berries for some months in alcohol of beet molasses. Subsequent filtration and addition of a sugar and water syrup.




Natural Cork with plastic heading


30% vol.

Tasting Notes:

Ethereal, balsamic, with notes of Mediterranean plants, Myrtle jam and essential oil present in the plant. Sweet, enveloping, warm, velvety, with remarkable persistence of fruit, blended by a delicately bitter note and a slight tannic aftertaste.

Serving Temperature:


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