Vigneti del Vulture

Vigneti del Vulture was founded in 2009 in Acerenza, Basilicata, by the Fantini Group. The winery’s goal is to showcase Basilicata’s native varietals, namely Aglianico, Greco, and Fiano, and bring them to the international market.

Points of Differentiation

  • Located in one of the country’s least populated areas that enjoys a mostly continental climate
  • Monte Vulture’s historic eruptions, now a non-active volcano, provides a wealth of minerals for the soil which gives the grapes their complexity
  • Varieties such as Aglianico and Greco have been shown to be able to adapt to these beautifully unspoiled areas
  • Elegant Packaging


The History

Basilicata is one of Italy’s oldest regions, colonized by the Greek around the 7th century B.C. It was the Greek that first planted Aglianico and began the region’s history of winemaking.

In 2009, Vigneti del Vulture was founded in Acerenza by the Fantini Group who saw this region as a unique opportunity to focus on native varietals in one of Italy’s last unspoiled areas.

Today, Danilo Gizzi acts as the winemaker and carries on the winery’s tradition of producing native wines in an international style. The goal of the winery is to create the best quality wines possible so that both wine novices and wine aficionados can enjoy these native varietals.

The Terroir

Rich in untouched natural scenery, ancient folklore, and myths; principally hilly and mountainous and wedged between two seas of the Mediterranean basin.

Vulture is part of a large area that extends to the north of the Basilicata region, dominated by the austere profile of the Monte Vulture, a non-active volcano.

For centuries, the volcanoes were thought of as a source of destruction and death; today, farmers are compensated for the damage caused by the eruptions of the past centuries by being able to grow vines on the cooled lava which contains an incomparable wealth of minerals, creating the grapes’ complexity.

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