Vigneti del Vulture

One of the oldest regions in Italy, Basilicata was colonized by the Greeks around the seventh century BC, which is also when the noble red grape Aglianico was first planted. In fact, the name comes from Hellenico, meaning “Greek”. Rich in ancient folklore and myth, the area revels in its pristine natural landscape. Mostly hilly and mountainous, it is wedged between the two seas of the Mediterranean basin and is one of the country’s least populated areas; the climate is mostly continental. Vulture is part of a large area that extends to the north of the Basilicata region, dominated by the austere outline of Monte Vulture, an inactive volcano.

For centuries, the volcanoes were feared as a source of destruction and death, but today, winemakers are reaping the benefits of centuries of eruptions by growing grapes in the cool, mineral-rich volcanic soil, which creates complexity.

However, you need more than just great terroir for the best wines, you need grapes that flourish there. And varieties such as Aglianico and Greco beautifully adapt to these unspoiled areas, producing wines of great complexity and depth.

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