“Some of the most beautiful mountain landscapes anywhere.” We’re not quoting your average travel ad here. These words can be found on UNESCO’s website, explaining how the Dolomites got listed as a World Heritage site in 2009. It was about time, millions of years went into their making and thousands into the glacial melting that formed the Dolomitic foothills of Trentino.

These cool, mineral-rich slopes form various, lush valleys with terraced landscapes and tidy rows of apple orchards and vines. One such valley is called Val Lagarina, and it overlooks Trento, the region’s capital. Nestled in the Lagarina Valley is a spotless state-of-the-art winery, clean as the air you breathe when you walk through the vineyards, whose gravelly soil slowly releases the day’s accumulated heat throughout the cool, breezy nights. The name of the winery is Lagaria, because no matter where its crisp, fresh and fruity wines go, they take the Lagarina Valley with them.

The area boasts maximum efficiency and eco-awareness, and little if any pollution, making it the perfect place in terms of the weather, economy or its wonderful community. And the grapes have it pretty good too. They take in the brisk, pristine air of the Val Lagarina and gentle breezes scented with golden apples and soft petals. These aromas find their way into the wine. The entire range – styled by Franco Bernabei and including an “outsider” from Sicily – has a brand new look, featuring the gorgeous craggy peaks unique to the region.

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