Lagaria was founded in 1975 by Neil and Maria Empson, who focus on offering fragrant and well-balanced wines that reflect the Dolomite mountain range: crisp and refreshing!


For the Empsons, finely crafted wines should be enjoyed every day, not just on special occasions. With that, the trailblazing family went on a quest across northern Italy’s best sites and ended up in the Dolomites, a coveted area for crisp, refreshing whites and cool-climate reds. Neil and Maria Empson wanted to make the quality of this terroir as accessible and affordable as possible, so they focused on creating fruity, fragrant, well-balanced wines whose medium body and smooth texture delicately enhance any meal. They named the winery Lagaria in honor of the Lagarina Valley where the wines come from.


The appellation’s green, rolling hills, at the foot of the Dolomites Mountains are ideally suited for viticulture. The cool temperatures and night/day, winter/summer temperature extremes give local wines highly attractive freshness and unforgettable aromas that take you right back to their home.

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