Cannonau di Sardegna DOC

The Jankara vineyards are located in the highlands of Gallura, in the heart of a prestigious sub-zone called Vena di San Leonardo, which runs from Lake Liscia to the territory around the minuscule, medieval country church of San Leonardo. The area is mostly mountainous and full of granite, which is ideal for drainage and for offering mineral sensations to the wines. The Vermentino vines are planted on a cru called Giannaghe, which is Jannaca in the local dialect and it faces another historic cru called Karana. And that, in fact, is how the name Jankara came about: JANnaca-KARAna. The microclimate is outstanding, influenced by the vast lake and the island’s second-highest mountain, Limbara. Jankara is right in the middle and enjoys hot days and cool nights throughout the most important months of the growing season. Pair that with the never-ending winds that constantly ‘clean’ the air, keep temperatures down and maintain the vineyard free of pests and disease, and you have the perfect conditions to grow quality grapes! The winery is owned by Renato and Angela Spanu.


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Most recent awards

  • 2018 | Vinous89
Grape Varieties:

98% Cannonau, 2% Alicante

Fermentation container:

Stainless Steel

Type of yeast:


Malolactic fermentation:


Aging containers:

Oak barrels

Type of oak:


Aging before bottling:

12 months

Vineyard location:


Vine training:

Guyot and spur cordon


775 meters (2,543 feet)

Vine density:

4,500 plants per hectare


1 kg per vine

Time of harvest:


Tasting notes:

The nose demonstrates various spices with a hint of vanilla, the palate is full bodied with intense fruit and a soft silky tannin that demonstrates good length on the finish.

Serving temperature:

Best served at 16-18 °C (60.8-64.4 °F).




Gianni Menotti