Sauvignon Collio DOC

Ronco dei Tassi is a family-owned and run estate, founded in 1989 when Fabio Coser and his wife Daniela bought their first 9 hectares (22 acres) and about half were already planted with grapes. It is located in Collio Goriziano, in the township of Cormons in Friuli. The estate extends 30 hectares (75 acres) of which 18 (45 acres) are under vine, all are located in a beautiful natural park, which is protected by the region of Friuli. The altitude of the vineyards run about 122-183 meters (400-600 feet) above sea level. Ronco dei Tassi takes its name from the way the vineyard are set up: ronchi in Italian means terracing. They are set up this way so the vines get the most sun possible. While tassi, means badger in Italian, which reminds us of the small groups of badgers that visit the property during harvest to sample the ripe and juicy grapes.

The winemaking team believes that great wines are made in the vineyard and they thus spend a lot of time up close and personal with the vines with the aim of cultivating perfect and healthy grapes, to be transformed, using the least invasive and most natural ways possible, preserving the innate characteristics of the grape, the terroir and of course, the vintage.

From four distinct clones, this is a rich, structured Sauvignon with wonderful aromas and flavors.

Wine exported to

Japan, Canada, Australia

Most recent awards

  • 2016 | Wine Enthusiast91
Grape Varieties:

100% Sauvignon

Fermentation container:

Stainless steel

Length of alcoholic fermentation:

8-12 days

Type of yeast:


Fermentation temperature:

18-20 °C (64.4-68 °F)

Maceration technique:


Length of maceration:

16 hours

Malolactic fermentation:


Fining agent:


Aging containers:

Stainless steel

Bottling period:


Aging in bottle:

1 month


Diam Cork



Vineyard location:

Cormons, Friuli Venezia Giulia

Vineyard size:

2.5 hectares (6.2 acres)

Soil composition:

Arenaceous marl

Vine training:



150 meters (490 feet) above sea level

Vine density:

5,000 vines per hectare


1.5-1.5 kg per vine



Years planted:


Age of vines:

30 years

Time of harvest:

late August - early September

First vintage of this wine:


Total yearly production (in bottles):


Tasting notes:

Straw yellow in color, the nose is intense, characteristic, reminiscent of bell peppers, peach and tropical fruit; on the palate, dry, structured, persistent, delicately aromatic.

Serving temperature:

Best served at 8-10 °C (46.4-50 °F).

Food pairings:

Excellent with pasta, risotto, fish, white meat (particularly good with chicken in saffron sauce), asparagus, omelets.

Aging potential:

10 years


Alc. cont. 13.5% by vol.


Fabio Coser