The Canella winery began in 1947 with Luciano Canella. His great interest in wine led him to work in his mother’s restaurant, where he was put in charge of food-and-wine pairings, igniting a great passion for wine in him. This “thirst” turned into a desire for his own label. He finally set up a modern winery and specialized in Prosecco and wine-based cocktails. As it turned out, the enterprising founder had the vision and foresight to invest in what would become the best-selling spumante in Italy.
The winery is now run by Luciano’s children, Alessandra, Lorenzo, Nicoletta and Monica, as well as grandson Tommaso, who represents the third generation.
Canella is located in the historic heart of the appellation – Conegliano – and the vineyards are located at the perfect altitude for gradual grape ripening, which leads to intense fragrance and perfect acidity. This dynamic city north of Treviso is also a national winemaking landmark, home to Italy’s most ancient winemaking school (Scuola Enologica di Conegliano, founded in 1876).

One of the most famous Venetian aperitifs ever created, thanks to its delicious, original and appealing flavor. Canella-founder Luciano decided to make a bottled version to send a piece of Venice’s romantic piazzas to every corner of the world, where it would be just as refreshing and tasty as it would be in St. Mark’s Square. It is perfect for any occasion, made with two parts Canella prosecco and one part fresh white peach puree – from the Canella family’s prized orchards in the Venetian countryside – and a hint of raspberry juice for color.
There are no artificial colorings, added flavorings or sugar.

Wine exported to

Jamaica, Canada, USA, Puerto Rico, Australia

Grape Varieties:

70% Prosecco and 30% juice and pulp of white peaches

Fermentation container:

Stainless steel

Fermentation temperature:

10 °C (50 °F)

Aging containers:

Stainless steel

Container size:






Vineyard location:

Treviso with peach orchards in San Dona'

Soil composition:

Calcareous clay

Vine training:




Time of harvest:


Total yearly production (in bottles):


Tasting notes:

Characteristically deep pink in color, with amazing aromas of peach and raspberry as well as apple, pear and subtle white floral notes from the Prosecco; fun, peachy and refreshing.

Serving temperature:

Best served cold (8-10 °C, 46.4-50 °F).

Food pairings:

Best served as an aperitif, or paired with fresh fruit, fried vegetables (tempura), cheeses, sushi, raw carpaccio, raw crab meat or shrimp, cooked tuna and black rice with vegetables.


Alc. cont. 7% by vol.


Alberto Caporal

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