Vintage Reports

A quick guide to the latest vintages.




2021 Abruzzo

Marilena Orsini of IL FEUDUCCIO

The 2021 growth cycle presented a long hot, dry summer, lasting from June to late August. To preserve the aromas and freshness for our whites and rosatos, we harvested a bit early. In spite of this, the alcohol is slightly higher than usual. Our reds were harvested on time, to make sure the grapes reached perfect phenological ripeness. We  expect intensely colored, fruity and extracted wines, suitable to aging.




2021 Umbria


This vintage will be remembered for its little precipitation and long, hot summer. Fortunately, we grow late-ripening varieties that mature in late September so they were able to benefit from the late-summer rains, developing large clusters. All in all, the grapes we harvested were perfectly healthy, but lower than usual in quantity.




2021 Lombardy

Nicole Vezzola of COSTARIPA

The growth cycle was about ten days late with respect to the norms of the last ten years.

In spite of frost in spring, which affected areas with southwestern exposure, lowering production of Chardonnay and Pinot Nero for Mattia Vezzola Metodo Classico, the grapes reached perfect maturation, giving us extraordinarily straightforward, elegant, complex and refined wines.

In short, small quantities, extreme quality.

Laura Gatti of FERGHETTINA

In a nutshell, 2021 brought us great satisfaction in terms of quality.

The base wines for Franciacorta are all very elegant, with marvelous freshness and perfect balance. We are expecting an excellent vintage. Unfortunately, because of the spring frost and some hailstorms in July, we expect about 50% less production with respect to our potential.

What can I say, not much in quantity, but excellent all the same.

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