Vintage Reports

A quick guide to the latest vintages.




2016 Sardinia

Sardinia has not had it easy the past three years, with drought conditions making life difficult for agriculture and beyond. Fall and winter were dry, with mild temperatures while spring brought lots of rain. However, it wasn’t enough to fully replenish the water reserves. Budbreak was early and even. May and June were cooler, and the growth cycle slowed down drastically. The unusual winds kept the vines dry, fending off certain types of disease while causing concern for others. Near the end of July, there were healthy amounts of rain, which coincided with veraison. Harvest began mid-August and continued throughout September. Some areas experienced copious rain during harvest but later-ripening grapes were not affected. The health of the grapes is mostly excellent. Quantity is the same as 2015.




2016 Puglia

The region experienced a lot of rain through winter and spring. June and July were hot, with just a few cool periods, which favored maturation. There were no problems with disease as thankfully, any hint was swiftly fought off. August was especially hot, with a few storms. Quantity is up 15% in the region.




2016 Campania

Last winter was dry and mild with higher-than-average temperatures. Spring was warm, fueling early bud burst. This area also had its share of wacky weather with numerous storms and low temperatures. Flowering took place at the end of May/beginning of June with fruit set taking considerably long, producing loosely-packed bunches. The temperatures rose in late June and throughout August, there was good ventilation with great temperatures, a few storms and excellent day/night temperature swings. Harvest took place all throughout September and October. Quantity will be down about 20%. However, quality should be among the best.

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