Distilleria Nonino

The Nonino family has been making artisanal grappa since 1897 and it all began with Orazio Nonino who opened his first brick-and-mortar distillery at that time. The company was handed down to Benito and his wife Giannola, who grew the company exponentially, and finally to their daughters Cristina, Antonella and Elisabetta who currently run the company today.

A forerunner in all things grappa for over a century, the company revolutionized production methods and introduced grappa to the world, gaining great recognition and receiving many awards over the years. For example, in 1973, they created a single-variety, single-vineyard grappa using Picolit grapes. They now have five distilleries, each with twelve exclusive batch-steam copper stills, and the family is very hands-on in every phase of distillation to guarantee consistent, quality products.

Aging takes place in the 2,350 barriques and small casks – made from woods, such as Nevers, Limousin, Grésigne, Acacia, wild Cherry and Ash – located at the five distilleries. Quality, innovation, expertise and passion are the things that set this thriving historic company apart.

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