Vigneti di Zabù

Sambuca di Sicilia is located in the uncontaminated Belice Valley, surrounded in lush, verdant land and ancient vineyards, which reap the benefits of thousand-year-old traditions. The town was named after Arab Al-Zabuth, the Charming, who was responsible for bringing agricultural traditions back to a place that was starting to lose them. Today, there are archaeological artifacts all over the surrounding area reminding us of the generations of farmers who have lived there over the centuries. Their strong traditions for farming were based on total respect for nature and the land. These ideals are perfectly in line with the Farnese philosophy, leading to the creation of Vigneti Zabù. In the winery’s words, “The art of winemaking can create nothing more than what the grapes contain naturally.” The vines that grow in the Sambuca region endure the hot Sicilian summer days and cool nights, which help the grapes develop wonderful, layered flavors. The heat of the summer is tempered by the generous water supply of Lake Arancio, which helps create an ideal microclimate for the vines. Zabù uses the most advanced winemaking technology, critical to bringing the essence of the grapes to the bottle.

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