Vigneti di Zabù

Vigneti Zabù was founded in 2007 in Sambuca di Sicilia. Its main goal is to showcase Sicily’s native varieties, such as Nerello Mascalese and Nero d’Avola, bringing them international recognition.


  • Zabù honors local traditions yet pairs them with leading-edge winemaking practices, all while valorizing the interesting terroirs of Sambuca di Sicilia
  • A focus on only native grape varieties
  • Great value for great quality
  • Elegant Packaging



Sambuca di Sicilia is located high on a hill in the Belice Valley and is surrounded in lush vegetation. The town was named for its founder – Al Zabuth the Charming, an Arab Emir. Al Zabuth concentrated his efforts on local agriculture, which had been previously lagging.

Still today, the surrounding area is covered with archaeological artifacts that point to the generations of farmers who have lived here over the centuries. The agricultural traditions of the area fit well with the philosophy of the owners: “The art of winemaking can create nothing more than what the grapes contain in nature.”


The vines that grow in the Sambuca region are exposed to the hot Sicilian summer days but cool nights help the grapes develop wonderful, layered flavors. The heat is also tempered by the generous water supply of Lake Arancio which helps create an ideal microclimate.


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