Fuligni was founded in 1923 by the Fuligni viscounts, an ancient Venetian family who moved to Tuscany around 1770. The present owner is the exquisite Maria Flora Fuligni, who works side by side with her nephew Roberto Guerrini Fuligni, enologist Paolo Vagaggini and agronomist Federico Ricci, in charge of vineyard management. The property covers approx. 100 hectares (247 acres) east of Montalcino, historically the home to the most classic of Brunellos. The surface area under vine is almost 25 acres (10 hectares), principally located at I Cottimelli (hence “vigneti dei Cottimelli”). Most of them are devoted to Montalcino’s own Sangiovese; the rest is planted with Merlot, which complements the Sangiovese in the SJ blend. The older vineyards are 380-450 meters (1,250-1,480 feet) above sea level, mainly east- and southeast facing on stony/clayey, hillside galestro marl. The soil is low in organic components – therefore conducive to small yields. The most recent vineyards have been planted on tuffaceous-clayey soil. Crops are further cut back by the vines’ age (12-30+ years), their density, meticulous pruning and green harvest. The recently added vineyards are even more densely planted, 10-12 years old and at a slightly lower altitude of 300 meters (984 feet) above sea level, on predominantly clayey terrain, which is better suited to Merlot. Grapes are vinified separately according to cru, in a classically inspired yet internationally appealing style characterized by a strong backbone of acidity and smooth, polished tannins. Fuligni offers a complete range of Montalcino offerings, including Rosso, Brunello, and Super Tuscans. They are all consistently ranked among Tuscany’s finest. The wines age in a restored convent, which was transformed into a barrel cellar, tasting rooms and guest quarters. The former convent’s cool, cloistered tranquility provides ideal conditions for their élevage.

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