Labrusca Lambrusco Rosso DOC

Lini 910 is located in Correggio, Emilia Romagna, just 10 miles northeast of Reggio Emilia, in the Reggiano appellation. Their Lambrusco Reggiano DOC is named for the native variety’s earliest known name, Labrusca.

In fact, the Labrusca grape goes back to Etrusca – all the way to 800 BC – though we have no idea what the Etruscans called it. Ancient Romans named it after labrum, meaning “border,” and ruscum, meaning “wild plant,” as it grew spontaneously along the edges of other cultivations.

Lini 910 is a quality-driven producer with an impeccable track record, recognized by the top wine critics in the world for all its youthful appeal and light-hearted exuberance, Lambrusco can be a seriously good wine. The winery recently celebrated its one hundredth anniversary and is in its fourth generation.

Two different Lambrusco grapes are used to make this gorgeous fresh and fragrant fizzy red. After primary fermentation, the wine goes through a second fermentation in autoclave that lasts up to three months.

Perfumed aromas of dark berries and a well-balanced and structured palate. A food-friendly wine that easily pairs with traditional Italian dishes as well as modern cuisine in all its interpretations.

Wine exported to


Grape Varieties:

85% Lambrusco Salamino, 15% Lambrusco Ancellotta

Fermentation container:

Stainless steel

Aging before bottling:

3 months


Natural Cork

Tasting notes:

Intense ruby red color with purple reflections; extremely fragrant bouquet, showing lush aromas of red fruit, especially blueberry and raspberry, confirmed on the well balanced, structured palate with distinctive flavor intensity and balance and a slightly ta

Serving temperature:

All-around food wine, versatile and easily paired with both traditional and modern cuisine; excellent with white meat, roasts or Italian-style minestrone.


11% alc. by vol.

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