Ischia Sapori

Ischia Sapori is located on the island of Ischia, just off the coast of
Naples near Capri. Often called the “green island” for its lush,
mountainous landscape and Green Tuff of Ischia (light green volcanic
rock), the island is indeed what is left of an extinct volcano. Ischia also
enjoys the surrounding deep blue sea, a mild climate, full of magnificent
sunshine, and is particularly fertile, full of oak, almond, citrus, and olive
trees as well as wine grapes. Without a doubt, it is the perfect place to
make leafy and citrusy liqueurs.

The Savastano family first set up shop 135 years ago, and in fact, the
recipe for Rucolino, their signature amaro made from arugula, citrus,
herbs and other special ingredients is centuries old. In keeping with
current times, the winery was modernized in the 1970s and in the 1980s, and
Ischia Sapori, the island’s first and only producer to bottle the amazing flavors, colors and
aromas of Ischia’s bounty in the form of all-natural liqueurs, was founded.

The ingredients for their delicious libations are grown at the Villa
Spadara estate, in the sunny, well-ventilated area between Lacco Ameno
and Forio d’Ischia. All production takes place here as well.

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