Balerìn, an Empson Family brand, specializes in organically made, vegan-friendly wines that reflect the stunning northeastern region of Veneto, Italy, or more specifically, Valplicella. They use traditional local techniques to meticulously handcraft each of their wines, such as drying red grapes for Amarone and “repassing” the wine over Amarone pomace to make Ripasso.


  • The winery uses certified sustainable viticultural techniques
  • All the wines are vegan-friendly
  • Appassimento is the traditional technique used to make our Amarone: after harvest, grapes are dried on special wooden racks for 100 days. This process brings great structure and concentration to the wine.
  • Excellent value for a well-rated (over 90 points) wine

The Empson family began this Veneto adventure with the historic Vaona family, who have been making wine for three generations in the Valpolicella area with a strong sense of responsibility to the environment and land and total dedication to quality organic wines that reflect the terroir and the traditions of the historic wine zone.

Balerìn means “ballerino” (dancer) in the local dialect, which celebrates the way the wind rustles the leaves of the vine and tall grass in spring. It is a reminder of how vineyards are a living entity, whose grapes are cultivated by the warm sun and the hard work and dedication of the vintners.

Marano di Valpolicella is located in the upper Valpolicella Classica area, which is considered one of the best areas for viticulture in the region. The vineyards are 820-1,312 feet (250-400 meters) above sea level and enjoy south/southeastern exposure. Native grapes, such as Corvina,
Corvinone, Rondinella and other assorted native varieties grow in calcareous marl, clay, and limestone soils, which are not very fertile. The climate is mostly mild, with excellent day/night temperature swings that lead to even ripening and a gorgeous aromatic profile. Ideal for Valpolicella, Ripasso and Amarone, the wines from here are generally rich, full-bodied, saline and long-lasting on the palate.

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