Cà Romè

The Ca’ Rome’ philosophy is reflected in the name: Ca’ is short for casa, which means “home” and refers to Romano’s home and a winery that is run by a family, not a corporation. Romano Marengo founded it in 1980. At the time, though only 43 years old, this warm, wonderful man already had three decades of professional experience in the wine world behind him. He began working in his teens, since his generation not only studied, but worked in the vineyards. Today, his wife Olimpia, their enologist son Giuseppe (“Pino”), who assists him in styling the range, and daughters Paola, in charge of PR and marketing, and Maria work alongside him. The Marengo family’s simplicity, sincerity and congeniality exude the same effortless harmony that characterizes Ca’ Rome’ wines.

The total surface under vine is 5 hectares, or 12 acres (5 more acres are rented and managed by the Marengo family – Piedmont vineyard land is notoriously hard to come by). Vineyards are located close to the winery as well as in Rio Sordo (a Barbaresco cru), and in Serralunga, Barolo. The Serralunga cru features calcareous marl and clay hillside terrain that is compact, bluish-white in color, and impermeable to water, conducive to full-bodied, big wines, with an extremely long cellar life. Rio Sordo features compact, calcareous-clay terrain, white in color, yielding Barbaresco wines of impressive structure, body and cellar life. At the same time, they are exquisitely feminine in style, exhibiting hallmark elegance and balance.

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