Dolcetto d’Alba Pian Balbo DOC

Poderi Colla was established in 1993, but has been rooted in Piedmont winemaking for over three hundred years, with its forefathers helping write its history, even helping outline production regulations for Alba DOC wines. The winery aims to create wines with little intervention and lots of intuition, bringing out the best of the terroir. Poderi Colla consists of three estates: Cascine Drago in Alba, located in the heart of the Langhe appellation; Tenuta Roncaglia, in the historic Barbaresco appellation; and Tenuta Dardi Le Rose, seven hectares of Barolo in the coveted Bussia cru in Monforte.

A delightfully soft and versatile wine from a single vineyard, whose first plantings go back to 1969. Dolcetto is a favorite native grape in Piedmont as it is easy to drink and easy to pair. The wine features a whole array of fruit, full flavors, round texture, and lovely aromas with an intriguingly almond finish. It can gracefully accompany just about any meal. This version ages a few months in stainless steel and is bottled in spring, released after a few months in bottle. Fresh, full-bodied and flavorful, its delightful fruitiness and immediate appeal make it an everyday favorite. A true all-around wine.

Wine exported to

Korea, Puerto Rico, Australia

Grape Varieties:

100% Dolcetto

Fermentation container:


Fermentation temperature:

30 °C (86 °F)

Length of maceration:

5-7 days

Malolactic fermentation:


Aging containers:

Oak casks

Bottling period:


Aging in bottle:

6 months





Vineyard name:

Pian Balbo

Vineyard location:


Vineyard size:

3.73 hectares (9.2 acres)

Soil composition:

Calcareous clay

Vine training:



270 meters (885 feet) above sea level

Vine density:

5,000 vines per hectare




Predominantly western

Years planted:


Time of harvest:

10-20 September

First vintage of this wine:


Total yearly production (in bottles):


Tasting notes:

A delightfully fruity, fragrant wine that is best enjoyed in its youth, though it may be cellared for a few years.

Serving temperature:

Best served at 16-18 °C (60.8-64.4 °F).

Food pairings:

A perfect everyday wine, easy to pair perfect with pasta.

Aging potential:

Good fresh, but also after a few years


Alcohol 12-13 % ; Acidity 5-5.5 gr/l


Pietro Colla