“This wine is truly mind-blowing, and a prime example that Brunello is not the only Tuscan DOCG producing outstanding Sangiovese. In fact, this wine has us wondering whether Montepulciano might be the best place in Tuscany for the grape’s cultivation. Made by a boutique family producer, this wine is a beautiful balance of fruit and earth, with bright cherries equalized by tobacco and leather. What we find truly amazing about this wine is that it is not only drinking beautifully now, but it’s also a bottle that could be saved for years and it will only get better.”

The writers and tasters over at Vinepair could not have said better what we have been saying all along. Boscarelli’s exquisite Vino Nobile di Montepulciano is the quintessential example of the excellence that is Sangiovese. A wonderful and passionate cantina, Boscarelli has found a way to highlight all its best qualities, through their hands-on approach to winemaking.  We are proud of them and proud to be on Vinepair’s list.

Vinepair’s reach is far and wide, with more single monthly users (1.2 million!) than even Wine Spectator. Their ultimate goal is to “become one of the world’s leading lifestyle publications and fundamentally influence our generation.” So far, they are doing a great job.

Thank you Vinepair for this wonderful mention!

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