BOLLINI with Chef MAINARDI @ JUST CAVALLI – Milan, Italy –

The great European heat wave of 2015 might have been wilting the  flowers in Milan’s Parco Sempione, but Chef Andrea Mainardi didn’t seem one bit flustered as he whipped up a fantastic risotto for the press at one of Milan’s chicest clubs and eateries this past Wednesday, July 1st. Just Cavalli hosted a press-only cooking demonstration by the “atomic” chef whose rise to fame has earned him his own show on Sky called “Ci Pensa Mainardi” (Leave it to Mainardi).  The chef is famous for his healthy yet unique recipes and his fiery, animated personality.

The event was sponsored by Gustinvest SpA, the distributor of Empson brands in Italy and it featured several of the outstanding wines that are represented throughout the Italian territory, such as Bollini Chardonnay, Bollini Pinot Grigio, Monte Antico and Supremus.

Chef Mainardi created several dishes for the demonstration and one of these dishes featured a very special ingredient: Bollini Chardonnay. The dish was a luscious Risotto alla Parmigiana – without the Parmigiano – that was made using an unusual two-pot technique, surprising guests with its creaminess.  He combined a healthy dose of onions and the Chardonnay in one pot, making silky caramelized onions, and rice and stock in the other. At the end, the two mixtures were combined for the perfect gluten-, lactose- and fat-free dish, showing that Bollini Chardonnay is a perfect match for the sweetness of the onions and rice.

Tara Smeralda Empson, owner of Gustinvest SpA and Global Brand Manager for Bollini, attended the event, accompanied by some of the Empson staff.